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News Producer and Presenter at ITN 

Digital news producer


Hi, I’m Sophie, a Digital News Producer for ITN, formerly the BBC. I produce and present news and current affairs videos for YouTube, TikTok and other digital platforms.

I’m particularly interested in gender, social and climate injustice stories.

My work has gained hundreds of millions of views.

Check out my CV for more on my work history.



Sophie is an asset to any team. She is enthusiastic, helpful, diligent, intuitive, creative and fun to have around. She has excellent writing and research skills, and a pleasure to have on the team.

Samantha Lambart,

Senior Development Producer,

Caravan Media

Sophie is a bright, hard-working and talented journalist with a keen eye and instinct for writing and editing. She’s also a natural team player, prepared to go the extra mile and was a joy to work with.

Will Hersey,

Content Director,

Esquire Magazine

Sophie has proved a real asset to the ITNP news digital team, bringing real energy, a keen eye for analytics and good editorial judgement to our work on emerging platforms. Her effort has helped drive exceptional growth.

Louee Dessent-Jackson,

Digital editor,

ITN Productions


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